The operators at the TTG in Rimini are brought to the Amalfi Coast thanks to the new Authentic Amalfi Coast brand

We’ve said it for years and at each venue – in order to promote such an important and complex destination like the Amalfi Coast, we need to get out of our comfort zone and learn to “network” on the territory.

The motto “Unity makes strength” finds its maximum expression when the hospitality operators come together to achieve a common goal: to diversify and enhance what tourism has to offer.

And this is the focus with which the tourism development network Costa d’Amalfi took part in the last edition of the TTG (Tourism Trade Fair) in Rimini with the new Authentic Amalfi Coast brand (read the article of Positano Notizie) – it encompasses the capabilities and resources of the most important operators at the Amalfi Coast.

With the beauties we have, it’s not difficult to make tourists fall in love with the Divine Amalfi Coast, but it’s important to explain how to experience our wonderful and fragile territory, preserving it from an unnecessary and harmful excess.

The group of tour operators – which were of different nationalities and were accompanied by the operators of the tourism development network Costa d’Amalfi – have arrived today in Positano, where they were taken through the history of the Amalfi Coast lemons inside the secret garden of Valentì Positano. Then, they continued their walking tour towards the Roman Archaeological Museum and later were taken to Amalfi with the exclusive boats of Luxury Boats Positano.

Limoncello, jams, lemon panettone and the nice Valentino Esposito, supported by his family, welcomed the group of professional operators who immediately felt at home, with one of them stating that it was “unbelievable, good vibes only”.

Positano’s beauty and the professionalism of the guides showing the glory of two thousand years of history inside the Roman Villa did the rest. At the end of the tour, which lasted about an hour, Valentino Esposito stated: “I’m happy that Costa d’Amalfi have finally realised the importance of networking, which is not easy in a territory where we’re all first women”.

Words of appreciation for the initiative also came from Lucia Lucibello, owner of Luxury Boats Positano with her brother Matteo: “I want to thank Andrea Ferraioli and Rosalba Irace for their commitment and their great professionalism. I managed to go to Rimini for the TTG Travel Experience and I was able to observe the importance of having a reference point for those looking for our destination, Positano and the Amalfi Coast. Speaking on behalf of my brother Matteo, we are happy to have contributed today, in some small way, to the success of this fam trip”.


Source: Positano Notizie