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The Luxury Boats Positano fleet is made of 5 high-quality boats to offer you the best experience possible at the Amalfi Coast. They’re perfect for families, groups of friends and couples looking for a romantic escape.

Sunseeker Predator 60

- New Life -

A combination of style, quality and glamour balanced by punchy performance. The numerous comfort on board make your adventure at sea even more magical.

Allure 38

- Sweet Life -

The Allure 38 “Sweet Life” meets the needs of every user: from lovers of classicism to the more sporty, without neglecting those who make comfort and relaxation a real lifestyle.

Fratelli Aprea 36

- Don Paolo -

With simple and elegant style, which calls the tradition of the Gozzo Sorrentino. A spacious and welcoming model that reflects the desire to travel.

Fratelli Aprea 32

- Elisa -

A slender line that guarantees excellent cruising speed. The numerous comfort guarantees a pleasant crossing on a boat with a strictly fun spirit!


- Jeranto 10 -

Discover the beauties of the Sorrento Coast on board the gozzo. Dream of a day on the boat.

Predator Selva 650

- Rubber Boat -

Predator Selva 650 is the range aimed at those who prefer the essential to the superfluous, without wanting to renounce to the performance and the reliability.

The Luxury Boats Positano Team

- Lucia and Matteo -

family-owned company of local Positano Italians, we have spent our lives and generations managing boats on the water here. We know and celebrate every inch of this spectacular coastline as one of our greatest loves.

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