In November, take the boat to experience a fantastic Selfie Tour with Luxury Boats Positano

“By boat for a Selfie Tour” – last August we already talked about the amazing initiative of Lucia Lucibello, who’s the owner of Luxury Boats Positano ( along with her brother Matteo, but we never expected to receive today, 23rd November 2019, the images of a tour made earlier in the afternoon.

After 3 weeks of bad weather (on the eve of a new amber weather warning, editor’s note), a warm sunny day was enough to allow four close friends to live the unique experience of taking a “winter” selfie in the wonderful waters of the Divine Amalfi Coast: Matteo and Lucia’s love for the sea and innate hospitality “made in Positano” did the rest.

A short break, with the shining sun and calm sea, allowed the small group to toast at sunset on the Amalfi Coast, on board an exclusive Aprea 32 guided by commander Matteo Lucibello. A memorable holiday for the young women, who will bring unforgettable memories of this beautiful day back to the United States.


Source: Positano Notizie